Supporting Neuroatypical Theatre Artists

Empowerment Through Inclusive Arts

Who We Are

With multidisciplinary theatre backgrounds, our partners and volunteers strive for rooting performing arts into communities.

Our team maintains close contacts with local populations, artists with unique achievements, patrons and experts involved in artistic innovation.

Together, we advocate for bold and responsible art practices.

What We Do

We support innovative and inclusive multidisciplinary theatre practices


— Research & Innovation

We know that a strong and successful performance requires time and resources. Support for research and innovation allows artists to devote themselves fully to their meticulous creative work.


— Encouraging Neurodiversity

Neuroatypical talents – people with autism, ADHD or Dys – are numerous, but do not always have the means to ensure their visibility on the artistic scene. Backing them at the right time makes a difference.


— International Outreach

When artists and organizations identify opportunities to collaborate with peers abroad, we are happy to help make their project a success.

‘The world thirsts for beauty… thou shall come and soothe it.’