Patron of the Arts

The artist is thus made that he finds salvation and reason to hope only through creation.

Pierre Bergé, Letters to Yves [Yves Saint-Laurent, Great Fashion Designer]


Artists, witnesses and visionary actors of all eras in all latitudes, need space to create. Artistic patronage offers them the opportunity to devote themselves to what is more than a passion: the expression of a sensitivity that illuminates the world.


One might think patronage is an outdated practice… but it is not! Patrons sustain:

  • Artists and artistic organizations without requiring financial compensation or performance
  • Works and artistic projects of general interest

Therefore, patrons are not sponsors; each genuine art and stage performing amateur can be a patron!

Inclusive Arts

A patron not only supports an artist and an organization but also a whole community benefits from his generosity and attention to artistic creation.

An ecosystem made up of committed, agile people and creative souls, nurtures our cultural heritage. Strong ecosystems attract top artists – including atypical ones – and inspire everyone within the community.

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