A Word from the President

Dear Visitors,

What is an art foundation for? Beyond collecting donations to support art work, creating and running a foundation is kind of a culmination in a lifetime.

Producing and broadcasting plays, collaborating with artists from diverse fields is extremely rewarding, but three factors are powerfully shaping my vision when it comes to inclusive arts:

  • Provide logistical, material and financial resources to bring the boldest projects to life
  • Be at the service of people by making these projects accessible to all
  • Value atypical artists, whose public often ignores the massive resources

A foundation ensures the sustainability of our actions: it is a perpetual commitment to the community. It is the gift I make both to Canada – my home country – and to the world.

Thank you for helping us achieve these goals; thank you for contributing to the growth of arts that dare to renew themselves!


Mariam Tounkara

Founder and President of the Fondation Wandé

Mariam co-founded a theatre company; she is also the author of a dozen plays, theatrical improvisation coach, creator of the concept of Relationship Between Forces and member of the organization Aut’Créatifs. Wandé is her paternal grandfather‘s name.

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